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Teacher Dawson challenged students to create their own Coat of Arms for extra credit in History class. Here are the results:


Seara Z. – The Coat of Arm Shield that I created represents my family. The pomegranate is a symbol of plenty, and I chose this fruit because my family at home is plentiful in love, honesty, and kindness. Another reason why I chose the pomegranate was because it is the symbol of Armenia and we are Armenian. The background colors, red, blue, and orange, represent the Armenian flag. I chose stripes for the background because the colors on the Armenian flag are in a stripe pattern. The Christian cross in the top middle represents the fact that we, Armenians, were the first people to accept Christianity in the year 300 C.E. I added the stars and crescent moon to my shield because I love adding stars and other astronomical doodles to my drawings. It makes the artwork look more appealing and it is just plain cute in my opinion.


Deven S. – My coat of arms has three animals and a book. The bear symbolizes family protection. I choose this because my family considers family protection the number one priority. The fox represents intelligence and refusal to be captured. My family and I are intelligent people, and we prefer not to be stuck indoors. Being stuck indoors for long periods of time makes us very cranky. The lynk is the symbol of vigilance. My family is always prepared and ready for the worst of conditions. The book is a sign of learning and willingness to listen. My family are readers, we enjoy learning. My parents are always willing to listen to anyone if there is an argument. The last symbol is the color blue. The color blue represents truth and loyalty. My family are trustworthy to each other and to people around us. We won’t backstab anyone for personal gain either.


Anee S. – I made the background blue, not for the sky but because the article said blue was for truth and sincerity, and I made the tree trunk black because the tree takes up a lot of the space and I wanted to put in black for knowledge. I put a fox on the coat of arms for intelligence but also perseverance, because the article said that the fox represents refusal to be captured. I value intelligence, and also, I believe myself to be persevered. I added the book first, because I had already decided to put a book on the shield before I started to read the articles since I love books, second, because the article said it represented learning and a willingness to listen, I love learning new things, also, my friends have told me I am a really good listener and I am easy to talk to. The line under the book “A world right out of a book” is because the article said, “Often painted with a motto..” I couldn’t think of a motto that I wanted, so I decided to add that instead. I put the olive tree because it shows peace and harmony. Even if a shield is used for war, peace is still important, and you can’t reach peace if there is no harmony. The owl is for prudence and wisdom. I especially liked these last two because it reminds me of greek mythology, which is another thing I love. The olive tree and owl reminds me of my favorite goddess, Athena. The owl was the sacred animal of Athena. The myth with the olive tree is basically, Poseidon and Athena both wanted to be the patron of a specific city. Poseidon gave those people a spring to win their favor, and Athena gave them an olive tree, the people chose Athena, and named the city Athens, after her. I add more details and color over all to represent that the little things in life also matter and it is all in the way you look at it.


Deunan A. – My parents are first generation Filipino-Chinese immigrants in the US. They are both strong, hardworking, persevering, and virtuous. They have brought me up to follow the same virtues because they lead by example. It is also very important for them that I should be wise in making the right decisions in life. We are also a family who gives importance to education, health, and solidarity. We enjoy having meals together, working out together, and simply spending time together to cook, and just hang out and chat. We are always reminded to respect our elders and be polite. Working hard is very important. There will always be adversities in life but it is how we face this adversities with strength, courage, and wisdom. Also, we don’t to forget to pray to give thanks and ask for strength and guidance.


Mary M. – The shield I drew was argent cross glues. The shield has red stripes across and has a vertical line. This symbol represented the cross. This cross was termed the Cross of Saint George. This shield was used as a shield sign when fighting by the Christian troops. It was for the crucifixion of Jesus. This relates to my family and I because we are christians and believe in the religion.


Derek H. – The symbols that I chose to put on my coat of arms represent myself and my family as a whole. The top of my coat of arms is representing my religion, Christianity, with the clouds (symbol of faith), the cross (Christianity), and the doves which show peace. There are also animals that fly on the top part of my coat of arms and it’s because the butterflies and doves both represent peace, which relates to Christanity and also how my family is big on creating peace with one another. The bottom portion of my coat of arms is split into two sections which is a day and night time and the reason for this is because throughout the day, my family shows love (heart) unconditionally throughout the day, whether it’s night time or day time. Putting in the heart in the “night” section shows that when I go sleep and my family says goodnight, we talk about our entire day and how thankful we are for each other (and the love that we share as well). The sun in the day (left) side means glory which is how my family tells me to feel everyday, this is being proud about the accomplishments I made in that day. Below the sun is an animal that’s a mix of a dragon and lion and this is because both animals represent courage and strength. I added these animals because my parents always tells me that no matter what, I should have strength that God knows best for me and I should stay brave/strong everyday. On the night side, there’s an owl and the moon because an owl is a night time animal which shows wisdom, just like how school is important in my family, it’s always a good thing to be smart. The moon is a sign of serenity which means being calm/peaceful, just like how my family and I are most of the time which is calm and peaceful about whatever happens in our lives. The colors that I chose to put are blue, black, white, and red. Blue means loyalty and strength, black is for wisdom, white is for peace, and red illustrates the idea of courage, power, determination, fire, and love.


Diya D. – As Charlemagne once said, “Right action is better than knowledge; but in order to do what is right, we must know what is right,” we should always know what we are about to take action to, so we portray the correct impression or we accomplish the task we were given. If you had a description that does not match you, what is the point of the impression? If you had a meaning to yourself which you want to show, how would you reveal it back as a family of knights in the 500s C.E. to 1000s C.E? Warriors would use their shields to protect themselves, their honor, and their territory. But, they also used it to address their ways. The designs on my shield were very carefully chosen. My shield is very simple but it has a lot of feelings behind it. The ombre of light to dark green symbolizes the weight of hope, joy, happiness, and light that has bestowed upon my family and me. The roaring lion represents the strength of us all together. The crown is very important because it holds the power that we can produce if we work together. I believe that nothing is impossible when you are pure-hearted and with the people you love and care about. In conclusion, my shield represents the different qualities of my family put together.


Aubrey P. – My coat of arms represents my family. For the field, the tinctures that I am using are black, green, and gold. Black represents knowledge and always learning, green is for hope and joy, and finally, gold is a beautiful metal signifying plenty. I used Four different ordinaries. My charge or center is a Salmon, which is an ancient Irish symbol for knowledge. My father’s family descended from Ireland, and he also grew up in Seattle, which is huge on salmon. I used symbols for knowledge twice because my family has always put education first. Below the salmon is a wreath of Oak which can be found everywhere here in California. The Oak represents strength and to try as hard as you can. The rooster is brave and shows vigilance. Working hard even when it’s difficult is something my family has always taught me to do. My dad has shown bravery every time he has an art show at a gallery and puts himself out there for the world to see. The final ordinary I chose is a bear, not only because they visit my house often but they also represent family protection. My family is the essential thing in the past and the future.


Paige J. – My crest has 3 very important parts of my life on it. There is a snitch on the shields. I love Harry Potter, but it also shows that I love to read. There are two dogs on it. I have two dogs in real life. Finally, there is a mickey head. My entire life revolves around Disney. My family has had a hard pandemic, so the only thing that keeps us sane is Disney. It makes us feel good and happy. Even when we fight, we play Disney monopoly and watch a Disney movie to make up. This not only shows the love for Disney, but the love for my family. If I didn’t have them, I might as well give up life.


Max S. – My Coat of Arms shield project is very unique to other shields in my opinion. My Family Shield’s main part is the large red heart in the middle. The heart signifies my family’s love for each other and our dog (located in the center of the heart). The phrase Family is in red because the color Red represents love in our opinions. The 4 stars in the corners are each of our favorite colors. Green is my father’s favorite color, blue is my mother’s favorite color, grey is my sister’s favorite color, and pink is my favorite color. These were the symbols and colors explained on the shield and what makes them special and different from other people’s shields.


Giacomo M. – I used the Fleur de Lys symbol as It represents the Christian Trinity and was often used as a national emblem of France which was also common in English, Spanish and Italian heraldry. The color Blue represents truth and sincerity. The escutcheon shape is the main shape used for coats of arms. This shield is important to me because my mother’s family is French and my father’s family in Tuscany, Italy still has a coat of arms. I tried to re-create it for this assignment and use details from France and Italy. It is a reminder of my families’ culture and original countries.


Andres O. – There are many symbols for the medieval coat of arms shields like for instance if there was a picture of ARK-NOAHS that would represent the church which these were rarely found.other shields like the ass would signify patience and many others like the badger which would represent intelligence. Many of these shields have great meaning like bear which means protecting the family and many others. Some also represent the church like BISHOPS MITRE:which means protecting the church.when you see a cat on a shield it means vigilance and courage.


Deven S. – My coat of arms has three animals and a book. The bear symbolizes family protection. I choose this because my family considers family protection the number one priority. The fox represents intelligence and refusal to be captured. My family and I are intelligent people, and we prefer not to be stuck indoors. Being stuck indoors for long periods of time makes us very cranky. The lynk is the symbol of vigilance. My family is always prepared and ready for the worst of conditions. The book is a sign of learning and willingness to listen. My family are readers, we enjoy learning. My parents are always willing to listen to anyone if there is an argument. The last symbol is the color blue. The color blue represents truth and loyalty. My family are trustworthy to each other and to people around us. We won’t backstab anyone for personal gain either.


Hayden M. – Well, you told me that I could create my own If I wanted, so that’s what I did. For my symbols I chose the book, the cloud, the cornucopia, and the moon. The book represents the willingness to learn, the cloud represents faith and consistency, the cornucopia is the horn of plenty, and the moon shows serenity. The reason I picked these symbols is because as a whole, they kind of sum up how I feel about online learning. I am willing to learn despite the current situation, I have to keep a mindset of serenity to focus, I always enjoy plenty of snacks while I work to take my mind off a hard problem I’m stuck on, and I have to stay consistent so that I can keep myself in a rhythm that will lead to successful work. Overall, I feel like my coat of arms represents me pretty well.


Joel M. – My coat of arms represents a few things about my family. The crosses represent our religion, christianity. I put that there since our family works a lot in the church. The colors represent my family too. The black stands for piety and knowledge. Knowledge because education in this family is important and piety since we participate in our church. The blue represents sincerity and truth. It represents our family because we don’t like lies and value the truth. The blue box with a black cross represents Texas. Texas is a big part of our family since most of our extended family lives there and that is where my parents grew up. The other blue box represents love for nature, since our family loves to be in it. The bottom blue shape represents our family’s love for sports. This is the case since my family spends a ridiculous amount of time doing something related to sports. This is my family’s coat of arms.


Claire O. – In the coat of arms I created, the symbols and colors each represent different things. The charge, a lion, symbolizes strength, valor, and majesty, while the flaming heart represents love and devotion. The field is black which symbolizes piety and knowledge, and the ordinary is blue which signifies truth and sincerity. This coat of arms relates to my family because I view my parents as the most brave, honest, wise, and loving people I know. Blue and black is also my sister’s favorite colors, so I made sure to include that in my coat of arms.


Pennelope M. – For my shield I did a nail, symbol of passion, grape, a symbol of plenty, cloud (the knight), a symbol of faith and dragon, a symbol of courage. I did nail because my family is very passionate about things and what they believe. I did grape because I have so many amazing things in life and I have a lot/ plenty. I did cloud because my family is very dedicated to the faith of christianity. Lastly I did a dragon because I believe I am brave. I did the colors yellow and blue because on shields in West Europe they used a lot of yellow and blue.


Ella P. – Hi for my shield I choose to put a blue background, a cross in the middle, and a ring around the cross. The blue background represents loyalty. I chose this color because in medieval Europe people were very loyal to the church and knights followed a loyal code. The cross in the middle represents faith in christianity. In medieval Europe christianity was really important there and I wanted to represent christianity in my shield. Last around the cross I put a ring in the middle. The ring symbolizes fidelity and eternity. Fidelity means devotion or loyalty and eternity means forever. I put the ring around the cross to show that people dedicated their lives to christianity and would follow for eternity. My shield relates to my family and I for how loyal we are to christianity. We are catholic and My mom, sister, and my brother have had their confirmation (I’m next) and we all have had our first communion. Thank you for reading!


Hailey P. – The coat of arms I drew has a very minimalist look and the blue cross in the middle of the coat of arms represents being truthful and loyal to the church. The green sections are representing happy and hopeful for what will happen and my favorite is the maroon sections because it is representing patience whenever in battle. The gold outlines are showing power and splendor of the church. The church has power over almost all of Europe and Rome! The reason I didn’t draw any animals on the shield was because I was hoping that if the crisscross was in the middle, it would be the main idea of the coat of arms, just like how the church is the center of Rome and Europe.


Rachel P. – For my Coat of Arms Shield, I had a simple white shield with a blue and silver border surrounding it. They are both very thick to resemble strong borders around our family. Blue resembles reliability, so I put it to resemble that our family can always rely on each other. Silver resembles luck in Korea, so I put it after blue to resemble that our family will be lucky. I didn’t add any red because in Korea red resembles death and bad luck. That is all for my Medieval Coat of Arms Shield assignment.


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