Welcome to the Hallways at Rosemont Middle School in La Crescenta, CA.



This is a place for Rosemont student works and student clubs.

Artwork, music, videos, or posters can be submitted by teachers, students, clubs, guardians, or school administrators. Email your work with a brief title or description to

Since this is the internet, and not actually our school hallways, student names are limited to First Name with Last Initial and Grade. The faces of any under-aged people appearing in photos or video will be blurred out, or the submission sent back, unless accompanied by a written permission form from a guardian or school employee for those images to appear.

HERE’s THE FORM for permission to use someone’s image.




Everyone is invited to comment! Students. Guardians. Teachers. Passersby.

Comments are moderated by PTA volunteers to prevent SPAM and trolls, so your comment won’t show up right away, but you should still comment. Encouragement is appreciated.

Haters will be yeeted.